New Feature On My Home Page: Gallery

The first gallery contains few 3D images, I have created quite long time ago using Blender 3D, a great 3D modeling and rendering tool. Some images were finally rendered by yafray renderer. Example image included. Click on thumbnail to pop-up bigger one. All images can be seen in my local gallery or on flickr.

JGrups on Linux With Multiple Network Interfaces

Few hints for those, who want to run JBoss Cache in clustered mode ([a]synchronous replication/invalidation) on Linux machine with multiple network interface cards (NICs) and using UDP/multicasting in OSI layers 4/3 . Here is situation overview:

We need multicast communication through eth1 to other JBoss Cache nodes.

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Cisco MIBs horror

Suppose you want to know what vlans are configured/allowed on individual ports in one of recent Cisco Catalyst switches – quite basic information. SNMP seems to be right protocol for this task. Structure of most Catalyst switches can be discovered using ENTITY-MIB and that’s good news. In entPhysicalTable you can find ports, modules, chassis and … Read more