tmux and fzf: fuzzy tmux session/window/pane switcher

This script allows me to fuzzy search for window/pane using pane’s name – title – directory – command. Maybe someone will find it useful. It uses fzf-tmux for searching. gist: It can be started directly, but it’s better to bind it to some tmux key. Put something like this into your tmux.conf to do … Read more

Cool Linux Stuff: Live Resize of Libvirt Guest’s Disk Served as LVM Logical Volume on SAN Volume

Here is the situation: We have a FC SAN with one volume dedicated for virtual machines’ disks. That SAN volume is available on the server via 2 paths (two storage controllers, two FC switches and two HBAs) and failover is handled by multipath-tools. This SAN volume has no partition table but is a LVM’s physical … Read more

Bash Does Not Support RegExps? Read The Fucking Manual!

I have stumbled on this again. There is so many places on the Net (for example Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide) where you can read that Bash does not support regular expression by itself and you have to use other tools (usually grep, sed and awk are mentioned) to match/replace with regex. Since regular expressions are part … Read more