Some Unixporn – The Story of My Life Through X Window Managers

my first time was probably with FVWM, it was standard at that time, then I fell in love with Gnome 1.xx – fresh and elegant, changed it to KDE when Gnome became desktop environment for idiots, after years of development KDE authors finally managed to make me hate KDE for its bloatedness and bugs, so … Read more

Cool Linux Stuff: Live Resize of Libvirt Guest’s Disk Served as LVM Logical Volume on SAN Volume

Here is the situation: We have a FC SAN with one volume dedicated for virtual machines’ disks. That SAN volume is available on the server via 2 paths (two storage controllers, two FC switches and two HBAs) and failover is handled by multipath-tools. This SAN volume has no partition table but is a LVM’s physical … Read more