Some Unixporn – The Story of My Life Through X Window Managers

  • my first time was probably with FVWM, it was standard at that time,
  • then I fell in love with Gnome 1.xx – fresh and elegant,
  • changed it to KDE when Gnome became desktop environment for idiots,
  • after years of development KDE authors finally managed to make me hate KDE for its bloatedness and bugs, so after some serious research I switched to Awesome, but not for long; looks like tiling isn’t in my nature and getting laid with Lua wasn’t that pleasant either,
  • petite OpenBox was love at first sight; unfortunately yesterday I’ve bumped against customisation limit and discovered that the project is dead,
  • yesterday morning I chose Xmonad as the final solution: written in Haskell, configured in Haskell, extended in Haskell, but when I got a satisfactory configuration, the file looks more like an abstract acii-art,
  • and the current one: Qtile; as a Pythonista I should choose it in the first place, but lack of its users on the Internet was somewhat suspicious; maybe they are simply indrawn; as for now Qtile looks great; it’s described as a full-featured, hackable tiling window manager written and configured in Python.

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