Eclipse GMF – Enabling UUIDs in Semantic model – The Simplest Way

This solution is for those who use also GMF. In one of your plug-ins (or create a new empty plug-in for that) add following section to plugin.xml: <extension point="org.eclipse.emf.ecore.extension_parser"> <parser type="MY_SEMANTIC_MODEL_FILE_EXTENSION" class="org.eclipse.gmf.runtime.emf.core.resources.GMFResourceFactory"> </parser> </extension> It will make EMF use GMFResourceFactory for XMI [de]serialization. GMFResourceFactory enables usage of UUIDs. Don’t forget to replace MY_SEMANTIC_MODEL_FILE_EXTENSION with your … Read more

Problem with GWT-Ext in hosted mode on Linux

Currently I’m writing NetFlow analyser as a Rich Internet Application. After long consideration and evaluation of available open-source technologies I have concluded that GWT will be the best shot in this case (now I’m not so sure any more, but this is another story). To make building nice user interface easier I have decided to equip user side CLASSPATH with GWT-Ext library. GWT-Ext reuses ExtJS and ExtJS needs some underlying JavaScript framework. A lot of people use YUI as base for ExtJS, so automatically I have started to use it too. And this is where the first problems arose.

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XEland rewritten from scratch

I have decided to reactivate XEland project. XELand is a small program, which generates night landscapes as stereo pairs for cross-eye viewing. Original version was written in C++/Gnome and had continually problems with compilation (due to lots of dependencies). Java version is of course free of such problems. Currently it uses two map generation methods … Read more

Java Generics: Instantiating Objects Of Type Parameter Without Passing Class Literal To Instance

Cause generics in Java 1.5 and 1.6 are implemented using erasure, in most cases you can not get class object for type parameter, which means that in your generic classes you can not instantiate objects of type parameters. For example, the following code will not compile:

class Foo<T> {
        T field;
        public void bar() {
                field = new T(); // error

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Java version of gstpw

I like Java much more (about 38 times more) than C/C++. So I have written Java version of gstpw. Java version of course has more features :) and needs less lines of code to implement them. Moreover I have provided possibility to start it: as standalone by $ java -jar jstpw.jat via WebStart:

gstpw – a simple stopwatch program

I could not find under Ubuntu any stopwatch program with modern GUI. There was only one available: “Stopwatch” by Don Libes, but it uses Tcl/Tk, so it is ugly and starts long time. Yesterday I have written new one in C. It is “one file program” which needs GTK > 2.0. Project’s home page can … Read more